Five Reasons Why You Should Order Your Next Celebration Cake

Everybody loves cake – it’s pretty much a law of the universe. And let’s be honest, there isn’t a bad time for cake. You could be catching up with friends, sat in the office, in a meeting, catching up on your shows, taking in the latest movie, or marking an important celebration. There is quite literally a cake for ANY occasion. Which is just as well because cake makes the world go round.  But before you pop on down the shop to buy that next celebration cake, maybe consider ordering one instead. Ordering a cake might seem a little longwinded, but it’s definitely worth that extra time spent. With shop-bought cakes, you’re limited by what’s on offer, plus, these cakes are mass-produced so finding one that’s truly special is easier said than done.  Order a cake, however, and the sky is the limit! There are cakes for all ages, from kids to seniors. There are cakes for girls, boys, men, women, cakes for superhero buffs and sports enthusiasts. There are cakes for academics, for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. And with many places, including Cake Social, offering quick delivery to your doorstep, you don’t even have to leave your home.  Below we’ve listed the top five reasons why you should order your next celebration cake online. Enjoy!

The Personal Touch

Cakes are a fantastic way of showing how much you care, but shop-bought options tend to lack that personal touch. By ordering a celebrating cake, you can personalize it further, with a name, a little message, or even an edible photo. And the best part about cake is that it brings people together. So, by opting for a celebration cake made-to-order, you’re showing that you really care.

Tastes Exceptional

Shop-bought cakes CAN be tasty, though the experience is often hit or miss. When you order a celebration cake, it’s made fresh to order especially for you. It’s made exactly to your specification, from the number of tiers to the filling and even the flavor of the sponge. And because such cakes are usually made bespoke rather than mass-produced, the quality is usually a lot better too.

Value for Money

Buy a cake from your local shop, and you’re often paying for a cake that’s so-so. And if you buy a themed cake, you’re paying through the roof for the privilege of a cake with your kid’s favorite character on it. With a special-order celebration cake, you’re receiving a delicious cake made to your specifications that is on a whole different level. Factor in delivery services too and it’s overall better value for money.

Beautifully Designed Cakes

Special-order celebration cakes are often far more visually pleasing, making them an excellent centerpiece for any special occasion. Placed at the center the table at a large gathering, it will instantly leave a positive impression on your guests. Plus, elaborating on the point above, each cake can be customized to make it perfectly suited to the event at hand.

Fully Customizable

We’ve touched on this already, but with special-order cakes, you’re free to customize them exactly the way you see fit. Want to include a special message? Maybe reference an inside joke or include an embarrassing photo. Maybe you’d like to go all out and have a custom design made. With special-order celebration cakes, you can!  And with that, we’ve listed the top five reasons why you should order your next celebration cake. The next time you’re placed in charge of buying a celebratory cake, think twice before heading out to the shop. Place your order with Cake Social, and we’ll guarantee that your cake will be the talking point of any special occasion.

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